Friday, March 6, 2020

How to Defeat the Insect Swam in Ark Genesis

The Insect Swam in Ark Survival Evolved Genesis is a real pain the butt to put it  mildly, but there are a few ways to deal with it.  The easiest is too jus move to the water.  The swarm will not attack you while you stand or swim in the water.  It will leave your dinos alone too.  The next thing to do is attack the swarm with a melee weapon.  I find that a spear or pike works best, but many swear by the torch.  The torch is a more satisfyingly way to kill the swarm, but I find I break a lot of torches.  You can also outrun the swarm once it targets you.  Then be sure to lead the swarm to a wild dino, or maybe a strong tame dino and the swarm will be distracted.

Building a structure is a also a good way to avoid the swarm, BUT it must be big enough so that they can't attack your body if it messes through.  A two by two hut will work, but it must be 2 walls high.

Hopefully Wild Card will greatly reduce the number of swarms in the game.  I don't have a problem with the swarm being a pest once an hour, but every few minutes is way too much.  Good luck survivors.

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