Monday, March 9, 2020

How to Tame a Ferox and Ferox Locations

The Ferox is a cool little creature that turns into a monster.  You can find the Ferox in the Artic Biome of Ark Survival Evolved Genesis Part 1 dlc.   Right now there is a Ferox cave where you can find the little guys and a lot of Polar Bears too.  It is located right by the  Searching the Frozen Zone mission at 70.8  26.2  .  There are tons of Ferox spawns there, and I wouldn't be surprised if they nerf the Ferox Cave soon.  If they do I have found a few locations where the Ferox spawn in the open.  They are in eastern section of the Artic Biome where there is a constant blizzard.
Free Roam Ferox 80.8  43.6
61.6  50.4

Ferox Cave Location
Cute freshly tamed Ferox at the Ferox Cave in Ark Genesis
Good luck taming, a Ferox,  the only thing hard about it is not getting killed by all the dangerous creatures or freezing to death.  One or two darts will knock them out and feed them a few berries, and they are yours.  You can also passive tame them, which is just a waste of element.

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