Tuesday, January 11, 2022

Ark Lost Island Artifact of the Strong Cave and Gems

What I like to call the Aberration Cave on the Ark Lost Island map is officially called Shoola Falls Cave, and is home to the Artifact of the Strong.  The reason I call it the Aberration Cave is because you will find red, green, and blue gems there as well as ravagers, glowtails, and seekers. 

Lost Island Artifact of the Strong Cave Location

Lat 27.7   Long 54.2

The cave is one of the best places to get black pearls on the lost island.  You don't have to go too far into the cave to find them.  At this point, there are only a few of the normal cave creatures we have been encountering since the Island caves.  They are not a problem to deal with.  In shallow water, where there is still regular vegetation around you will find the black pearls sitting in shells, like you would normally find silica pearls.  You can just pick them up and head back out of the cave and repeat.  You will find more black pearls deeper in the cave, but it would probably be better to farm them from the entrance where there are few creatures to botter you.  

To find the gems you will need to go deep into the cave and defeat ravagers, carnos, raptors,and the usual spiders, onyc, scorpions etc. There is an easier place on the map to get all the gems, but if you don't need too many, you can grab a bunch here on your to the Artifact of the Strong.

Blue gems in the Artifact of the Stong cave in Ark Lost Island

You will find the Artifact of the strong elevated above a bunch of nasty creatures, but it isn't too hard to deal with them.

In the accompanying video, I ran the cave with a thyla, but the ravagers are a real problem knocking me off of my mount.  The "cat" was strong enough to take care of everything, but I died a few times and my thyla fell through the map.  I think it would have been better to use the thyla and a sinomacrops to avoid the ravagers.  That would have been winning a combination.  

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