Monday, February 21, 2022

Medical Brew and Energy Brew Ark Survival Evolved

Medical Brew

The medical brew in Ark Survival Evolved is one of the most useful things you can cook up in a cooking pot.  It gives you a healing of 40 points over a 5 second duration.

Ark Medical Brew
Ark Medical Brew

Resources to Craft Medical Brew

  • 20 Tintoberries
  • 2 Narcotic
  • 1 Water

Energy Brew

The energy brew in Ark restores 40 points to your stamina over a duration of 5 seconds.  While it isn’t used nearly as much, it can still be handy at times, especially when running around on foot.  
Ark Energy Brew
Ark Energy Brew

Resources to Craft Energy Brew

  • 20 Azulberries
  • 2 Stimulant
  • 1 Water
Neither the medical brew or the energy brew work on dinos.  

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