Tuesday, March 29, 2022

Resources the Island and Center Map Do Not Have

 Resources the Island and Center Map Do Not Have

The Island Map is the original, official story Ark map of Ark Survival Evolved.  The Center Map came next but is not part of the Ark lore.  Every resource and animal for that matter,  introduced after these two maps does not exist on these maps.  Scorched Earth introduced sulfur, salt, oil veins, and cactus sap to the Ark world, but they never ended up on the Island Map nor the Center Map. The same goes for everything introduced in dlc maps later.  Unfortunately, that means you will not be able to craft many of the items in the game without visiting other maps, or spawning those resources in.  The below list of missing resources from the Island and Center, does not include drops, such as deathworm horns, which are only used as tributes for boss fights, some other map-specific things like taming Mantis.  There are dozens of creatures not found on these maps, and I’ll cover those in a later post.

Resources not found on the Island Map or Center Map

  • Salt
  • Sulfur
  • Cactus Sap
  • Silk
  • Sand
  • Oil Veins
  • Gems
  • Gas Vents
  • Gas Bag
  • Gas Ball
  • Fungal Wood
  • Mushrooms (other than rare mushrooms)
  • Primal Crystal
  • Corrupted node
  • Shell Fragment
  • Element Shard
  • Element

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