Tuesday, June 14, 2022

Bee hive and Honey Locations on Fjordur

If you are looking for honey and Giant Bees below are the locations where you will find hives on the Fjordur map of Ark Survival Evolved.  I have only found Giant Bee Hives in one location on the map, and that is the island in the southwest.  The bee hives are all found at the base of cliffs around a large water body.  Below are the coordinates of individual hives.  

Fjordur Bee Hive Coordinates

Lat   Lon

72.5   22.5
79.7   29.1
76.0   17.2
72.5   20.6
81.9   25.6
76.6   17.3 - 2 bee hives
74.1   18.3
77.3   23.9 - 2 bee hives
72.5   22.5
66.5   76.1
57.3   70.0
36.4   58.0
47.4   79.2

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You can harvest honey from what I call honey rocks, or honey nodes.  There are no bees here, but you can harvest honey with a hatchet or pick. 

45.0   96.4 - 2 nodes
79.5   45.4 - 2 nodes
78.7   43.6
32.5   61.1
Fjordur Honey Node
Fjordur Honey Node


  1. Almost all of these coords are wrong... im sitting at 47.4, 79.2... its on the edge of a beaver pond with nothing here but 3 trees and a few shrubs... i've gone to ever coord you have listed on the northern island... no hives

    1. Sorry you are having problems finding hives. Have you seen any on Fjordur? Hives spawn like dinos, and sometimes they just don't spawn in. If you are on single player, you can do a dino wipe.