Monday, June 13, 2022

Fjordur Fire Wyvern Trench Location

Fire wyvern nests and eggs spawn in a trench in the southeast corner of the Fjordur map on Ark Survival Evolved.  The exact location of each end of the Fjordur Fire Wyvern trench are:           

Fjordur Fire Wyvern Nest Coordinates

Lat    Lon

East    95.8   80.3

West   85.7   71.0 

Once find the Fire Wyvern Trench on Fjordur you can use any number of the techniques you use on the other Ark Survival Evolved maps to steal wyvern eggs. I always like to use brute force methods like masses of pteranodons, gun, or plant species x turrets, etc. to clear out wyverns that follow me when I grab eggs from their nests.  You might like to be sneaky, or use a trap.

Good luck finding some high-level eggs and hatching some wyverns eggs!

Other Wyvern Locations on Fjordur

Fjordur Lighting Wyvern Location

Fjordur Poison Wyvern Location 

Fjordur Ice Wyvern Location

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