Tuesday, June 7, 2022

Ragnarok Cave Entrances - Ark Survival Evolved Artifacts

The artifacts on the Ragnarok Map of Ark Survival Evolved are mostly found in caves, some of these are very short, and others are long, and have a boss to fight at the end.  Below are the locations of the entrances to those caves. Some have multiple ways to get inside.  Good luck collecting all the Ragnarok artifacts

Ragnarok Artifact Cave Entrances

lat     lon

Artifact of the Brute

34.3   78.8

Artifact of the Strong

24.6  25.0

Artifacts of the Immune and Cunning

21.9   42.1
14.4   42.4
21.6   33.3

Artifact of the Hunter (Lava Cave)

18.6   27.8
18.2   28.4

Artifact of the Pack (Ice Cave)

30.9   37.8 - Flyer 
30.4   32.9 - Foot

Artifact of the Devourer

47.3   02.2

Artifacts of the Clever, Devious, and Skylord (Labyrinth) 

51.9   79.6

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