Thursday, November 24, 2022

Ark Extinction Tree Sap Locations

Although there are what look like redwood trees on the Extinction map of Ark Survival Evolved, they do not have snap points for tree sap taps.   You can still get tree sap on the Extinction map, though.  Head over to the dome that contains the desert/Scorched Earth biome.  Find Joshua trees.  They are trees with a very shaggy bark and needle-like leaves.  Chop them down, and you will harvest tree sap along with wood and thatch.  The Joshua trees are common in this biome and are not hard to find.  Although it is more convenient to collect tree sap from a tap, there are plenty of trees to harvest, so you don’t have to go without sap.  

Trees to Harvest for Tree Sap on the Extinction Map
Joshua Trees on the Extinction Map can be harvested for tree sap.  

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