Wednesday, January 18, 2023

Ragnarok Silica Pearl Locations

Like most maps on Ark Survival Evolved, silica pearls are most often found in the deep ocean, of Ragnarok, which makes harvesting them difficult early in the game.  In this post, I mostly focus on locations that are either just offshore, or in shallow water, sometimes both.  Another good option is to raid beaver dams on Ragnarok for silica pearls.  

Ragnarok Silica Pearl Location Coordinates (Lat, Lon)

Easiest Spot  13.5   40.5
Canyon 39.6   38.8
Off-shore Swamp 41.9   12.9
Shipwreck   21.9   33.4
Shipwreck Cave Entrance  21.8   33.3
Western Desert 80.7   25.5
Offshore  67.7   21.1
MOTHERLOAD 90.8  18.2
Random Deep  54.0   7.7

Ragnarok Silica Pearl Map
Ragnarok silica pearl locations in video.  

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