Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Battlefield 5 Should be World War II

The setting of Battlefield 5 is under speculation There were rumors it will be set in WWI and in the not to distant future.  On May 6th we will know what it would be, but in the mean time I thought I would throw in my opinion and say it should be based in WWII.

It has been awhile since there has been a major title like COD or Battlefield set during WW II, and I find it a fascinating time in history, and provides a wealth of weapons and geographic settings.  The battlefield series of video games relies on the formula of a varied number of infantry and vehicle options

During WW II infantry weapons went through a number of advancements. 

  • For the first time a major army was armed with semi-automatic rifles for their standard front line weapon, the US M1 Garand. 

  • The submachine gun evolved from extremely well built guns like the Thompson submachine gun to cheap mass-produced, but very functional guns like the German MP 40.

  • The light machine gun became more portable and reliable and therefore saw much greater use on the battlefield

  • The shoulder fired rocket launchers became available and gave light armor and tanks a lot of annoyance from foot solders hiding in the shrubs and in the rubble of Europe's bombed out cities

Vehicles on the ground were prevalent and varied

  • In WWI tanks were unreliable, slow, and saw limited action.  In WW II the tank had evolved into lightweight and fast forms to the nearly unstoppable huge German tanks

  • Lightweight armored vehicles and even jeeps with mounted machine guns and recoilless rifles saw use on the battlefield.

In the air

  • Dedicated ground attack aircraft could be called in to strike heavily entrenched, or highly concentrated troops.

  • Fighters took to the skies to take out enemy bombers and other fighters.

  • Massive bombers carpet-bombed both the battlefield and cities
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