Thursday, April 21, 2016

Learning To Shoot From the Hip: Battlefield 4 Hipfire

I can’t stop aiming down sights (ADS) and I know it effects my game play. I think it comes from shooting guns in the real world, where aiming from the hip is about the best way to guarantee you don’t hit your target at even short ranges.  In true close quarters combat, where enemies are only a few feet, or meters away, shooting from the hip will get most if not all you shots on target.  This is especially true in Battlefield 4 and other video games.  It is very important to shoot from the hip when you suddenly come across an opponent at short range if they see you about the same time, because even though it only takes a fraction of a second to aim down sights, but during that fraction of a second your hip firing enemy can have put several bullets into you and you are well on your way to watching the orange figure kill the cam.  

To increase the odds of your bullets smashing into your opponent there are several ways you can do this the number one way is to just select a weapon with good hipfire stats.  Go onto Battlelog and look at the weapon stats, the hipfire accuracy is listed for all the small arms.  The other way you can improve hipfire is to add accessories that increase the accuracy of that weapon.  Laser sights and the ergonomic  grip are the two accessories that help.  Laser sights have the added bonus of blinding opponents at close range, but they have the drawback of drawing attention to yourself, especially in smoky or dusty situations.  The ergonomic grip increases hipfire accuracy by 50% which is great, the only real drawback is it replaces other grips,  which can help aim down accuracy in other situations.  If the ergonomic grip is the only one I have I always equip it, but as soon as I have one of the other grips that help with first shot recoil etc. I change out to those.   

Aiming down sights (ADS) with the MG4 at the Battlefield 4 target range. 
To improve my use of hip fire I have begun to equip on the guns with good hipfire stats on close quarter combat team deathmatch maps, such as Operation Locker and Dawnbreaker.  For the match I constantly remind myself to hipfire, and this has begun to help me on other maps while round corners etc.  I use a similar strategy to remind myself to use pistols as well.  

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