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M2 SLAM Landmine Guide - Battlefield 4

The M2 SLAM (Selectable Lightweight Attack Munition) is a land mine that only works against vehicles and there are several strategies in their use in Battlefield 4 that I would like to share to help you successfully use them.  Before the tips I would like to clarify something about their description in Battllog which is rather vague. 

M2 SLAM “Selectable Lightweight Attack Munition usable as either an off-route Anti-Tank mine or a traditional land mine. Blast damage is less than the M15, but is still capable of a Mobility Critical on heavily armored vehicles.”

The slam only does not work against infantry, only vehicles.  You are given an inventory of three slams, but you can only deploy three slams at a time unless you use the ant-tank field perk and work your way up the field upgrades, which will also allow you to have more in your inventory.    

SLAMs are sticky.

M2 SLAM on Tank BF4
Sticking a M2 SLAM mine onto a tank in Battlefield 4
The most unique feature of the slams is they can be stuck to the sides of buildings, fences, rocks etc.  When deployed in this fashion they are very difficult to spot by the enemy making it likely they will do some serious damage.

You can also stick slams to unoccupied vehicles.  When an enemy takes off in them they will detonate and either destroy or seriously damage a tank. 

Using SLAMs like c4

SLAMs stick to vehicles in BF4, so you can use them a lot like c4.  Toss three slams on a tank and run away.  As soon as the tank achieves a certain speed the slams will detonate and destroy the tank.  i like to use this in combination with rockets  like the MBT-LAW.  It can take 4 or more rockets to destroy a healthy tank, and if you are attacking alone is more than likely you’ll be killed before you can get enough rockets into it.  If your close enough to the tank you can run up to it, stick on some slams run a short distance, turn and fire a rocket into the area with the slams and boom, dead tank.   

SLAMs work in water

M2 SLAM in Shallow water Battlefield 4
Tossing a M2 SLAM into the shallow water of a Naval Strike map
to take out attack boats, and jet skis
Slams will work against boats when placed on them like c4, but they will also work when placed in shallow water.  I’m not sure if their damage is reduced in the water, it seems to be, but I’ve sunk a number of attack boats, rib boats and pwc doing this.  Place the slams in places where boats are likely to travel, between islands, or next to objectives on conquest maps.  There the boats will get in close to capture the flag, and get a nasty surprise.  There are also other places where boats travel in channels and slams can be stuck to the side.

SLAMs can work in combination with anti-tank mines

Slams are not quite as powerful as anti-tank mines, but you can use the two together to increase the likelihood of getting kills with mines.  Just out of site put down a slam, say in a shrub or on the wall then place down an antitank mine.  The slam will detonate when a vehicle gets nearby and then set off the antitank mine which is also hidden.

SLAMs can be used with claymores

You can use slams to make what I call an atomic claymore.  Place down a claymore, and then put the slams nearby in a loose cluster or line.  If the infantry that sets off the claymore has a bunch of friends nearby you’re going to get a multi-kill.    Well you’ll only get a multi-kill if you set the slams as an engineer and come back as a recon or support player and place the claymore.  If you’re in communication with teammates the you can work together to make an atomic claymore.  These aren’t really very tactical, just a fun sort of thing to do.  

Hide SLAMs

Since the slam detects motion within a certain range they don’t have to be put directly where the tank will run.  This is a great feature over the anti-tank mine, because anti-tank mines are easy to spot in the road if you’re paying attention.  On a narrow road you can place a slam next to a rock or in a shrub, a driver is very unlikely to see it lying there.

Throw a SLAM

The anti-tank mine has to be place directly in front of the engineer laying down.  The slam can be tosses a short distance.  A slam can be tossed in the path of oncoming jeeps and tanks from a building.  They can also be dropped from a helicopter.  The helicopter drop is very difficult to attack a specific target, but slams can be sprinkled throughout the battlefield to do damage.

Slams can be very useful to the engineer class in Battlefield 4, but like claymores and anti-tank and anti-aircraft mines they take patience.  One thing I like to do at the start of the match is to lay down mines, when I die I respawn as an engineer equipped a repair tool and rocket launcher.  The mines will stay there for the rest of the match until they are triggered by a vehicle, or found and destroyed by the enemy.  Give slams a try in BF4and see if you get lucky.  Happy tank trapping. 

The M2 SLAM was once considered OP because they did a lot of damage, you could attach friendly slams to a jeep of bike and drive close to a tank and set them off destroying the tank, and they glitched into the ground, which sometimes made them impossible to spot.  However, the M2 SLAM has been nerfed., and “fixed” those problems.  The SLAM is now less of a problem for tanks, three wont destroy one unless it is already damaged.  This landmine remains very deadly to unarmored vehicles like tanks snowmobiles and quadbikes. 

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