Monday, May 2, 2016

The Worst Rocket Launchers in Battlefield 4: Javelin and IGLA

Both of the IGLA and the Javelin are the worst rocket launchers in the game.  Both weapons require the user to lock on the target and maintain the lock during the rockets entire flight, your rocket will never hit.  If you are working closely with a recon with a PLD (Portable Laser Designator) they maintain the lock, and you don’t even need to see the target to fire.  A recon can also set up a SOFLAM (Special Operations Forces Laser Marker) that does the same thing automatically. It is fairly rare to have a partner helping out the lowly engineer by laser marking targets, so it is up to the user to maintain the lock.  This leaves the solider vulnerable to fire from all directions since they are behind little cover in order to maintain line of sight and as soon as they starting getting shot and turn to run their rocket will be wasted.

IGLA Rocket Launcher Sight
Locking on to an attack helicopter with a SA-18 IGLA
The SA-18 IGLA is designed for taking out aircraft, and has some advantages over the stinger.  However I never use the damn things because it usually ends up getting me killed.  Actually, I rarely use the stinger because I have a rather poor success rate with it.  I only bring it out if there are two or more really good helicopter pilots on the other team that are constantly causing trouble.  With really good pilots it is very hard to bring them down, because when they get locked on they will often run for cover and flare. However, if the pilot is dodging your locks they aren’t tearing up your infantry with machine gun and rocket fire.   It is much easier to bring aircraft down with rocket launchers if you have a friend doing the same. 

FGM-14B Javelin rocket launcher sight takes aim at a tank.
FGM-14B Javelin rocket launcher sight takes aim at a tank.
The user of the FGM-14B Javelin cannot mark helicopters and jets, only land vehicles.  The other major disadvantage of the javelin is it must be used against tanks, attack boats etc. and never against infantry or building and other cover.  Yet another problem with the Javelin is that it can’t be fired from inside buildings because the rocket rises up immediately and hits the celling.  These are the reasons I never use the javelin, I would much rather have the versatility of the SMAW, RPG, SRAW and MBT- LAW Rocket Launcher.     

If you never used these damn rockets before, feel free to give them a try, but I think you will find as I have, that there are many better choices out there in Battlefield 4.

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