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Top Ten Ways to Rank Up Fast in Battlefield 4

Top Ten Ways to Rank Up Fast in Battlefield 4

  1. Take Advantage of XP boosts.  In most battlepacks you will receive some sort of XP boost 25%, 50%, 100% and 200%.   This multiples your over all score as well as your class and weapon scores.  This is a major boost to your ability to unlock tools, and new weapons.
    Battlefield 4 XP Boost
    Battlefield 4 XP Boost
  2. Take Advantage of XP boost weekends.  Usually once a month the developers have a double XP weekend and at least once a 4x XP.  Make sure to run a XP boost to multiple the effect of the XP weekend.  During the 4x promotion I ranked up at least six times in one conquest match.
  3. Time your achievements, weapon masteries, earning various metals and other awards with your highest XP boost, and plan them around Double XP Weekends.  If you have 495 kills with the MTAR 21, save those last five when you are running 200% XP boost to get a ton of points.
  4. Play the objective! When you PTFO you will get a ton of points capturing and defending flags on conquest and arming and disarming M-COM stations.
  5. Drop Medpacks and Ammo Bags.  Drop ammo and med bags and packs at choke points.  Maps like Operation Locker, and Metro are great examples of where choke points develop.  It isn't necessary to get a lot of kills in Battlefield 4 to get a lot of points.
  6. Revive teammates.  Use the defibs to revive killed teammates.  A quick revive gets you 20 points and leaves your teammate with little health and usually a very short life.  Charge up the defibs all the way to get yourself 100 points, a chance your teammate will live more than two seconds, and help the team win.  
    Rank up fast and get promoted in Battlefield 4
    Use your largest XP boost when you will earn medals,
    complete assignments etc. to get a load of points and rank up fast.
  7. Play Conquest.  Conquest is one of the easiest ways to get points while playing the objective.  It is much less dangerous to capture a flag than it is to arm a M-Com in rush.  Some other game modes like Carrier Assault are very similar to conquest and are good alternative.  
  8. Don't play Team Deathmatch.  TDM is fun, and can be a good way to get kills to earn your weapon attachments, but it almost a waste of time if you are trying to rank up.  
  9. Stick with one weapon type.  Keeping with one weapon type (pdw, lmg etc.) per round. It will get you more ribbons and eventually medals and so, more points.  
  10. Help your team win.  Most of the above tips will help your team win, which will get you more points, and make you feel better too.  
By reading the above you can tell that playing the assault class is probably the best way to get points, with the support coming in second, but there are ways of taking advantage of the engineer and recon classes.

  1. Repairing vehicles will get you a lot of points.  Repair even more when flying in a helicopter, or riding in an attack boat.  
  2. Destroy vehicles.  Attacking vehicles will get you points for mobility hits, destroying the vehicle and killing the occupants 
  1. Put your spawn beacon close to an objective in rush or conquest.  If the spawn beacon is in useful place to the other classes in your squad it will actually be used.  If you place it on top of a hill far far away from the objectives its not going to get much use and therefore few if any spawn beacon bonus points for you.  
  2. Spot Enemies.  Spot the opponents any time, scan the horizon with the PLD, put a target detector on a DMR, put down a TUGs, or throw a motion ball.  When your teammates kill a spotted enemy you will get bonus points, and spotting ribbons. 

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