Sunday, May 29, 2016

CS5 Sniper Rifle Unlock – Aggressive Recon Battlefield 4

Fast reload for the CS5 sniper rifle
Fast reload for the CS5 sniper rifle in Battlefield 4
It’s time to use the CS5 Sniper Rifle in Battlefield 4.  Are you ready to put on your try hard pants as the aggressive recon?  This rifle looks unique in the game and the fast firing rate (53 rpm) of the sniper rifles.  It also has one of the slowest bullet travel time of 400 m/s, but it is tied with the FY-JS and SRR-62 for lowest bullet drop of 6 m/s.  It also has the shortest maximum range of 2,000 m, but really how many shots are you going to take beyond 2,000m?  For full stats check  Nearly all the stats for this gun are very good, but it is the slow bullet travel time that makes this weapon a try hard rifle. 

I think few hate the CS5, but most recons will leave it at home when heading into battle.  The average recon wants the ability to take targets out at long range, and it is difficult to do with the CS5 with its slow bullet speed.  I’ve killed several enemies at more than 500m, but they were very cooperative opponents, lying prone, thinking they were hidden.  A moving target is very tricky to hit with this weapon.  However, the aggressive recon should take a good look at this rifle.  When you unlock the gun you immediately get the suppressor, which allows you to stay off the mini-map while firing.  For most sniper rifles it takes 80 kills to unlock a suppressor, which can feel like forever with the bolt actions.

First you need to unlock this rifle by completing The “I” in Team Assignment

How to Unlock the CS5 Sniper Rifle:
  • Reach rank 10
  • Play a Dragon’s Teeth Map (so you must have the dlc)
  • 2 Sniper Rifle Ribbons
  • 10 Radio beacon spawns
  • 10 Spot assists

There are a lot of tasks to check off with The “I” in Team Assignment, but it isn’t very difficult if you play the recon class fequently.  I unlocked the CS5 without really even thinking about it, and that is probably the case for most players. 

Aggressive Recon – Recon that plays the object, putting them in the thick of the fighting rather than at the edge where recons typically play.

CS5 sniper Rifle kill with 3.4x M145 scope
CS5 sniper rifle kill seen through 3.4x M145 scope
CS5 Loadout for the Aggressive Recon

1)      Let’s start with the scope.  If your point is to work at close to medium range, and to be stealthy they you have to use a 4x or a 3.4x scope.  The main reason for this is to avoid the scope glint in Battlefield 4.  It will be much harder for the enemy to spot you when there isn’t the tell-tale shine from the rifle.  The second reason it is easier to follow targets at close range with low magnification.  Also in the game, you can see around the scope making it easier to find new targets, and see if someone is targeting you.   Depending on your playstyle you may want to run with a red dot sight. 

2)      The most important accessory for the CS5 is the suppressor, and luckily it comes with the gun from the start.  Take advantage of the suppressor by staying off the mini-map. 

3)      Use the straight pull bolt to take full advantage of the rifle’s rpm.  With the low power scope, you can keep aiming down sights while not having to worry about scope glint or losing your peripheral vision. 

4)      Good pistol.  If find yourself with multiple enemies at close range you are going to want to switch to your secondary.  Even though it is the fastest firing sniper rifle it still can’t out damage any other primary weapon in the game.  It is a good idea to use something with a suppressor to match your stealthiness, but use whatever you are most effective with, because it is more important to stay alive.  I run with either the G18 or the Deagle (Desert Eagle). 
  1. 5)      Optional- you can add laser sight to the loadout, but it will increase your chances of being seen, Canted iron sights aren’t a bad idea, but I don’t use them personally.  A rangefinder might come in handy for those times when you see someone at long range, and they aren’t moving.  Right now I just leave this accessory slot empty.

6)      For the kit I always have a spawn beacon.  You can really help your team, by placing it close to the M-COM in Rush, or close to an objective in Conquest.   The second tool in the kit will depend on the map, C4 if there are lots of vehicles, tugs if I’m defending a M-COM. 

If you can give the CS5 sniper rifle a try, it fills a niche in BF4 not filled by the other bolt action rifles.  It and the SR338 are the most unique of the otherwise similar sniper rifles in Battlefield 4.