Sunday, May 29, 2016

M39 EMR DMR: Battlefield 4

M39 EMR Long Range Kill
Long range kill with the M39 EMR
The M39 EMR DMR in Battlefield 4 is based off of the M14, or M1A battle rifle which shoots the 7.62x51 NATO cartridge.   The M14 is a direct descendant of the M1 Garand, so this gun essentially dates back to the 1930’s, but it still works today, and is still in limited use in the arms forces.  

The DMR’s are an interesting group of weapons, and the differences between them are not huge because of the way they are used in the game.  DMR’s are usually not used on the front lines where close quarters combat takes place.  Therefore, things like reload speed, recoil and rpm are less important than it is for assault rifles, carbines, and lmg’s.  There are a lot of you that probably disagree with that statement and that’s fine with me. 

The M39 EMR has no real advantage over other DMR’s in Battlefield 4.  Its biggest drawbacks are its higher recoil and longer reload times in the DMR weapon class. In my opinion its major advantage are superb iron sights, and the nostalgia of its M1 Garand heritage.  I think the M39 is outclassed by SCAR-H SV and my favorite the MK 11 MOD 0.  For those who want to spam bullets downrange as fast as possible the SKS is great.  All that said you’re really not at that much of a disadvantage with the M39 in Battlefield 4, so if you like it keep it and have fun. 

Running with the M39 EMR DMR on Silk Road - Battlefield 4

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