Saturday, May 28, 2016

M32 MGL Grenade Launcher: Ultimate Noobtube- BF4

M32 Grenade Launcher Kill
This dude is as good as dead as I finish him with the
second shot from the M32 MGL grenade launcher
The M32 MGL Grenade Launcher is an over powered weapon in Battlefield 4 and Iove it because it is amazing fun.  The M32 is a battle pickup available in many of the vanilla BF4 maps. It is a rapid fire 6 shot revolver and you have only 12 grenades to deal with, it is the ultimate noobtube.  You cannot resupply the grenades with an ammo pack, which is probably a good thing for game balance. 

I don’t always seek out this battle pickup because it is often more a detriment to my gameplay than it is a benefit.  It is tricky to use effectively, the main problem being it is very easy to kill yourself with.  If you are forced to use it a point bank range the splash damage can kill you or leave you with very little health. Also peaking around corners and pulling the trigger a split second to early is no problem with an assault rifle, but with the M32 it means a grenade is blowing up in your face, and your dead.

The best use of the M32 is to kill enemies you can’t see, but know they are there.  Did an opponent hide behind cover, do you see an orange triangle on the mini-map around the doorway?  Take aim at the floor right next to them and let the splash damage do the rest.  

If you are out in the open and encounter some enemies and don’t want to switch to your primary aim at their feet and fire away.  It is difficult to get a body shot with a grenade launcher, and aiming at the feet ensures splash damage.  If there are multiple opponents together they will all be taking the splash damage and you can take out two or three with just a few grenades. 
M32 Grenade Launcher Reload
Reloading the M32 MGL Grenade Launcher
Beyond infantry this The M32 grenade launcher, along with the M320 HE is good for destroying cover and knocking down walls.  It will do a small amount of damage to armored vehicles, but even a tank with low health can be killed fast with 6 well placed shots.  Unarmored jeeps, quadbikes and dirt bikes are in serious trouble. 

This grenade launcher is much like frag rounds in shotguns in Battlefield 4.  It is fun to create so many explosions so fast, and kill hiding enemies, but it is of limited use and you have a good chance of being “killed in action”, so use this noobtube with caution.

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