Thursday, May 26, 2016

MP7 PDW Unlock and Review - Battlefield 4

MP7 PDW Kill BF4
The MP7 PDW in Battlefield 4 strikes down one of its enemies up close.
The MP7 is a PDW with an amazing rate of fire that you unlock via the Make a Dent Assignment

Unlock the MP 7

-          Have China Rising DLC

-          Reach Rank 10

-          Destroy and air vehicle with the AA tank

-          Get 3 Anti-vehicle ribbons

The Make a Dent Assignment is pretty easy to complete, and interestingly you don’t even need to play as the engineer to unlock a weapon that can only be used by that class. 

I have mixed feelings about the MP7 like I do most PDWs in Battlefield 4.   The MP 7 spits out 950 bullets per minute, but each one can only do a maximum damage of 20, meaning at a minimum you’re going to need 6 body shots to bring down a healthy opponent with the defensive perk.  Even adding modest range (15 m) to the equation is going to increase the number of bullets required.  Eventually the damage will drop down to a piss-poor 12.5.  In comparison the G18 pistol has a max damage of 22 and minimum of 12.1. You’re going to need a lot of ammo with the MP7 and it’s a good thing it is capable of holding 41 rounds.

Even with its low damage output, the MP 7 is going to tear up the enemy in close quarters, especially if you take hipfire into account.  If you get surprised by an opponent as you round a corner there is no need to ADS, just fire away.  Not aiming down sights will give you a little extra time to do more damage and outgun your poor victim.  I would rather run with the MTAR 21, which will spit out 900 rpm, but do 24 max damage and 15.4 minimum.  You can use the carbine because it is available to all the classes, and so become more proficient with it then a PDW that is only available to the engineer.

Having said all that the MP7 is a good gun to run with in limited situations, like some of the team death match maps.  However, the engineer isn’t the most useful class in team deathmatch, because of the tools available to him.  Like I said I have mixed feelings about the MP7, but it is easy to unlock if you have the China Rising DLC, so why not give it a try?

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