Monday, May 23, 2016

RPG and SMAW Rocket Launchers – Battlefield 4

SMAW Rocket Launcher Helicopter Explosion
A SMAW rocket launcher in mid reload while an
attack chopper explodes in Battlefield 4.

The RPG and SMAW are similar rocket launchers in Battlefield 4 because they both are dumb fire, meaning they have no guidance system of any kind, unlike the, javelin and the LBT LAW. The RPG and SMAW also have iron sights with no option of magnification, making sighting your target a little more difficult at longer ranges.  Like all rocket launchers, they are only available to the engineer class.

Both weapons are suitable for taking out land air and sea vehicles, as well as infantry, buildings and cover.  They require a great deal more skill than other rockets, except for the SRAW because of drop and the leading required with moving targets.  However, there are those like the YouTuber matimi0 that use the manually guided SRAW with amazing skill.  Helicopters are very difficult to take out compared to land vehicles, because of their unpredictable movements.  Luckily, a hit to the rotating blades as well as the body will blow up a helicopter.  Being able to hit a jet mostly comes down to luck. 

When using either of these two rockets against armor try to get behind and shoot it in the back. Tanks, LAVs and other vehicles have the least armor in the back so the rockets will do more damage.  I occasionally use rockets in conjunction with SLAMs because it gives me a one shot kill.  When taking out infantry in buildings it is helpful to shoot the ceiling, or floor, depending on your angle of view, to get splash damage even when there is no direct shot. 


The RPG, or rocket propelled grenade is made by a number of nations.  It is iconic and easy to recognize because the bulbous warhead sticks out of the front end of the launcher. The RPG is the most powerful shoulder fired rocket in BF4, and it takes the most skill to use, because it also has the most drop of all the rockets. 

The SMAW is easier to use than the RPG, because it has less drop, but does a bit less damage.  Currently the SMAW is my favorite of the two, just because I am just better with it.  However, I’m working on improving my RPG skills, and if I get good I’ll switch over to it since it is the most powerful rocket launcher in Battlefield 4.  It may sound stupid, but I also think the sound the RPG makes, and its reload animation are pretty cool.

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