Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Spectra Illuminated Controller Review - Xbox One and PC

Spectra Illuminated Controller and box
Spectra Illuminated Controller
The wired Spectra Illuminated Controller for the Xbox One and PC has 256 colors, 2 sets of lights and is adjustable.  The spectra controller is not a Microsoft product, and is made by PowerA.  Although something of an off brand, but after about 100 hours with the controller I find it to be of similar quality to the standard wireless Xbox controller.  

There are two sets of colored lights, one in each of the grips and a central light.  Each set can be adjusted separately for color and brightness.  The standard setting, and my favorite is a fading transition between each of the colors.  You can also set the lights to just one color.  The central light is very bright and even with the brightness turned all the way down, I find it a distraction, so I always leave it off. 
see video for the full effect of the lighting

The controller is connected via a 9.8 ft. USB cable.  At the end of the cable is a plug that I’m not quite sure what the purpose is.  Perhaps it is to break the connection in case of accident rather than pull the console off the shelf.

I bought the controller, because it was a few dollars cheaper than a wireless controller, and had a wired connection.  Too many times have lost my connection with a wireless controller because I have not kept the batteries charged up.

 The Spectra Illuminate controller works great with a Windows 10 PC.  I haven’t tried it on earlier operating systems, but I assume it works well with those as well.   Remember to plug the controller in before launching the game
Spectra Xbox One Controller lights
Spectra Xbox One controller lit up.  Both grip and center lights turned on.

The left stick on my controller is somewhat sticky.  What I mean is that it takes longer to automatically return to center than it should, perhaps only 1/10 of a second, but it is still noticeable.  Right now I don't think it is  a problem, but I'm thinking it might fail in the near future.  I'll update once again if it does.

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