Thursday, May 12, 2016

Tolling With Phantom Bow Poison Arrows - Battlefield 4

Shooting a poison arrow from Phantom Bow BF4
Firing a poison arrow from the Phantom Bow
leaves a green tracer.
Today I discovered that way to be the biggest asshole troll in Battlefield 4 is to use the Phantom Bow with poison arrows.  Before today I thought the worst way to kill your enemies was with the EOD Bot.  The EOD bot does have its tactical purposes: arm/disarming M-COM's, repairing vehicles and reconnaissance , but using it solely as a weapon is trolling in my opinion.  I think it is ok to fight back with the EOD bot if you’re attacked, but I don’t think it should be used as an offensive weapon.  If you want to be the biggest douche bag in the game, unlock the phantom bow and use poison arrows to harass the piss out of the enemy team.

I just unlocked the Phantom Bow (by finding it a crate on Operation Outbreak) and I thought I’d see if the explosive arrows were useful on groups of enemies like you find on 64 player Operation Locker conquest large. Usually several choke points will develop in the game and using explosives is a good way to try to break the deadlock.  The explosive arrows turned out be crap, which is what I expected, because they do little splash damage and the rate of fire of the bow is slow.  Then I thought what about the poison arrows.

When a poison arrow hits a soldier, or anything solid it releases a cloud of green gas.  This gas does damage to enemies standing in the cloud.  The longer they are in the cloud the more damage done.  The only good thing about the gas from the standpoint of the receiver is that it can’t kill you, but it will take your health down extremely low.   While enemies are in the gas you will get flashing hit markers to show they are taking damage. A direct hit with a poison arrow will do damage and can kill your opponent.  The gas from the arrows you shoot will also do damage to you.  If a teammate stands directly if front you while shooting you are going to gas yourself.

If there is a group at a choke point you can barrage the area with poison arrows, creating a thick cloud of gas, which can completely block a hallway with the poison gas.  By the time the enemy emerges and tries to push up to your position, their health will be so low they will be easy to take out with one shot from any gun.  If you run as support you have an unlimited supply of arrows and you can switch to the airburst to easily kill the wounded enemy. 
Poison Arrow Effect BF4
The screen goes green when you are poisoned by the BF4’s Phantom Bow's poison arrows. 
In this case I poisoned myself.
I tried this out for a while to take the accompany BF 4 video, but I felt very bad about it.  I won’t do it again, because it can be a real annoyance.  I don’t think the poison arrows are really bad in a one on one situation, although they are extremely ineffective in that situation, but they are only for trolling in most situations.  I think the poison arrows should be removed from the game for this reason, they just make it no fun on gas cloud end.  I suppose the other reason would be is that the use of chemical weapons are banned by all civilized nations, so why should it be in a modern warfare video game?  If you really want to use chemical warfare, just wait for Battlefield 1 to come out. 

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