Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Ark Survival Evolved Split Screen on Xbox One

Hurray!  I can play Ark Survival Evolved with my kids via the split screen on Xbox One.   Well sort of, only in Non Dedicated Multiplayer Sessions .  There are several draw backs to playing split screen.  Keep in mind I’m writing about this in the early access version of the game.  The first thing you’ll notice is the graphics are much lower than the regular version.  It does have some effect on gameplay because it is harder to make out objects in the distance, which can mean you don’t see resources, or the T-Rex headed your way.  You’ll still have time to avoid the rex, but you probably would have taken a different route had you seen it, so it will add to your walking time.  There is also increased, but not game breaking lag.  The very wide view of the split screen makes it hard to read menus that are not optimized for that view.  If someone has never played the game before they are going to have a very hard time navigating the menu.  The last problem is the second player must stay close to the host.  If they stray too far they will be teleported back to the host.  It’s pretty annoying. 

Split Screen Drawbacks

-          Reduced graphics

-          Increased lag

-          Very wide and narrow view

-          Hard to impossible to read text in menus

-          Second player must stay close to the host


How to Play Ark Survival Evolved Split Screen

It isn’t obvious at first on how to play split screen, but it is easy to do.

-          At the Ark main menu select Host/Local

-          At the bottom of the next menu select Host Non Dedicated Multiplayer Sessions

-          Once the host is playing the second player hits the menu button on the controller

-          Second player signs in creates new character or downloads an old one.

The Xbox just doesn’t have the processing power to deliver a smooth split screen experience, but it is playable.  It’s fun to be able to share the Ark Survival Evolved experience with family and friends so it’s worth giving it a go just keep in mind that you are going to have to start completely over in XP, stats etc.

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