Thursday, September 15, 2016

Tapejara and Archaeopteryx: New Dinos Ark Survival Evolved

New dinos, Tapejara and Archaeopteryx dropped this week with the latest Ark Survival Evolved update.  Both of these creatures fly, well sort or.  I play on single player, and I looked for these guys, but I couldn't find them after a few hours, going afk, and restarting the game.  Eventually I resorted to spawning some in to test them out and make the video. 


Archaeopteryx is an early bird-like dinosaur that may have flown, or may have just been a glider.  In Ark Survival players, can hang in the air by holding the feet of the animal.  You can control direction of the glide, while slowly, I mean painfully slowly descending.  On PC hit the R key and you'll drop like a stone while still holding on to the bird, probably to your death.  This tame is a lot of fun, but I'm not sure it has any real utility. 


The Tapejara is the big brother of the Pteranodon in Ark Survival Evolved.  The coolest thing about this flying reptile is that three people can ride at the same time.  The two passengers can equip ranged weapons, so they can attack others in PVP, or tame dinos with tranq arrows and darts. 

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