Thursday, September 8, 2016

Ark Survival Evolved Graphic Card Crash Fix

For me Ark Survival Evolved crashes due to a graphic card error every time it updates, but I found a fix for it.  Ark is a great game, but it is  still in its early release form, and can be a bit buggy.  I have had this same issue with Ark Survival of the Fittest.  It was really, really annoying when I didn't know what was wrong, and it still is annoying.  At least the fix is easy.

Ark Survival Evolved Graphic Card Crash Fix
  1. In your steam account look at your list of games
  2. right click on Ark Survival Evolved
  3. go down the pop up menu and select properties
  4. Click the Local Files tab
  5. on that menu click verify integrity of game cache

The program will then go through its file validating process.  For me it takes 20-30 minutes.   It will then find there are two missing files and fix the issue.  All is well until the next time steam updates.  Its gotten to the point when I see that steam is updating I just go straight and do this process to fix the problem before it crashes again.  It is stupid that I have to do this, but at least the fix is easy, even if it is inconvenient. 

If you have problems with frequent crashes in Ark single player mode you might want to save the game more frequently than it automatically does.  Click this link: how to have Ark Survival save manually to learn more

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