Monday, August 29, 2016

Ark Survival Evolved Spyglass - The Most Useful Item

I think the most useful non-weapon gadget in Ark Survival Evolved is the spyglass.  The spyglass is a small telescope that magnifies the world at a distance of course, but it also gives you valuable information.  Point it at a dino and it will tell you what it is, its level and whether or not it is mate boosted.  If you’re riding a low level 10 Rex and spot a level 5 and 10 carno in the distance you can take them easy.  If you spot a mate boosted level 50 and 110, both you and your dino are probably going down.  The only drawback of the spyglass telescope is that it can be difficult to use, due to its high magnification.  It takes some getting used to especially when riding on a flyer. 

To craft a spyglass you will need these materials:

5 – wood

10 – Hide

10 – fiber

2 – crystal

Crystal can be hard to get early in the game.  I believe it may require a metal pick to harvest, or the chance of getting crystal is very, very low with a stone pick.  No equipment such as a smithy is required to craft the spyglass in the game. 

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