Sunday, August 28, 2016

How to Craft the Simple Pistol and Review in Ark Survival Evolved

Is the Simple Pistol in Ark Survival Evolved worth it?  In my opinion, it’s a fun little gun probably better suited to PVP than PVE.  It is patterned after an 1850’s colt cap and ball revolver.  These guns were very popular in the American Civil War.  In the game, the simple pistol has a removable cylinder, and while the real guns do have a removal cylinder, it really can’t be considered a quick reload.  In the game, the pistols appear to be about three times the size of the real-life gun, and least compared to my survivor. 

The simple pistol isn’t really that expensive to craft.  It only requires 60 metal ingots, 5 wood and 15 hide.  It must be crafted in the smithy.  The gun only does 63 damage per shot, but you can fire 6 shots in rapid succession to deal 378 damage before reloading, not too bad.

The only thing that I would say is not really worth it, is the scope on this gun since it is a close-range fast-firing weapon.  Some of the pistol attachments, like the scope or flashlight can be handy. The scope on the long rifle is great, but on the pistol, it is not very useful.  However, there is little reason not to equip it if you just happen to have an extra lying around since it only adds a weight of 0.1.  I liked playing around with the pistol in PVE, but I have to admit that it really isn’t very useful in most day-to-day game situations.  Maybe if I was trying to get through a cave it might be nice to deal some quick damage to titan boa or another creature as it closes the distance and then switch to a sword.   

The longneck rifle is probably the best firearm in the game, see video below.  

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