Thursday, September 29, 2016

What is Harvest Health and How to Harvest More Resources in Ark Survival Evolved

While looking at the various game settings in Ark Survival Evolved single player I noticed something called harvest health and that it could be set from 0 to 3.  I wasn't sure what it was, but I figured it out.  I had looked on the internet, and mostly what I found was people saying it didn't do anything, but it was probably a bug they would fix. 

How to Get more Resources Faster Single Player Settings

Harvest amount - 3
Harvest Health - 0
Resource Respawn Period - 0

I still haven't found on oficial definitioin, but my experiments showed that the higher the health the longer it takes for a specific resource to be harvested.  If you want to have less effort to collect resouces set harvest health to a low setting.  One is the defult setting and I tested it out hitting palm trees with a primitive metal hatchet.  It took about 7 hits with a hatchet to bring down a tree and I was harvesting somewhere around 20 wood.  With harvest health set to zero and harvest amount set to 3 it only took one hit and I got around 200 wood!  That is a real time saver.  It only takes one hit to harvest metal, rock, wood, thatch etc.  It also increases the amount of hide, meat, chitin, silk, etc. from corpses. 

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