Thursday, September 29, 2016

Electrical Generator, Lights and Refrigerator Crafting In Ark Survival Evolved

Today in Ark Survival Evolved we craft an electrical generator and a refrigerator and lights to go with it to organize and light the barn at night.  We also take our now dead Ichthy out for its finial swim, poor guy. 

To craft an electrical generator is actually not that expensive.  You will need:

25 Metal Ingot
10 Electronics

In order to get power to your equipment you will need electric cables and an outlet.  The outlet has a pretty generous range.  Just place a light or whatever within that range, and it automatically send out a cord to power it.  The generator runs on gas, but seems to sip fuel, at least in single player.  On a server it will have to use gas even while you are not there if you want to keep your refrigerators running.   The lighting I put in really lights up the barn, compared to standing torches, which look cool, but require a lot of maintenance. 
Generator, Refrigerator and Lights: Ark Survival Evolved
Electrical generator: Ark Survival

The second part of the video shows my cool Ichthyisoraus and its untimely death after being swarmed by angler fish and other nasties.  And that is all I want to say about that.   In the next episode I put together an underwater army of megladons and Ichthies. 

Ichthy in Ark Survival Evolved
My Poor Ichthy: Ark Survival Evolved

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