Friday, October 7, 2016

Solo Taming a High Level Giga! Giganotosaurus on Ark Survival Evolved

I ran across a level 140 female giga while traveling across the center map of Ark Survival Evolved.  Now I never really had the intention of solo taming a giga, but suddenly seeing such a high level giga in an area where I might be able to trap it, made me think I could do it solo.  A 140 giga might be fun to have, and since it was a female I might get an egg or two for making kibble. 

Giga Tame Preparation

Looking at the taming calculator I could see it was going to take hundreds of tranq darts to bring the beast down, and then thousands of narcotic to keep it under while I fed it.  In addition to the darts and the narcotic I was going to need to make a metal behemoth gate to trap the sucker in the canyons and ruins of the center map.  In order to cover my butt and not run out of materials I made a lot of extra materials

750 tranq darts (2,250 narcotic, 4,500 metal 4,500 gunpowder)

 6 rifles

900 additional narcotic (if taming rates were set to defult I would have needed about 3,000 to be safe)

12 Quetz kibble

I think I only ended up using about 400 darts and it took about 25 minutes to bring down.  I started with my apprentice longneck rifle, and broke that, and nearly broke my ramshackle longneck rifle.

 Torpor of Gigas drops like a stone, and it will wake up in a matter of minutes if you don’t feed it a nearly constant stream of narcotics.  After spending hours prepping for the giga tame,  felt like it was reasonable to crank up the taming multiplier and avoid the four plus hours it was going to take to tame, not to mention the thousands of narcotic.  So with the taming rate on super speed I tamed it in four feedings of Quetz kibble. 

Giga Results

Playing PVE and in single player in Ark Survival Evovled I found the giga fun for a short time.  It can pretty much one hit 2/3 of dinos and bring the others down with 2-10 hits.  I think I’m going to use the giga for killing alpha dinos and getting some good items from them (hopefully).  I’ll probably park the giga on half burnt island and take it for a spin now and then.  I don’t need it back at base.  If it got agroed by a dilo it would probably destroy the place trying to kill it.  Would I solo tame a giga again, sure why not, it’s worth it  for the challenge. 

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