Monday, March 6, 2017

Spawn Dino Cheat Codes/Console Command for Ark Survival Evovled

Say that in your Ark Survival Evolved single player game you want to play around with the new dinos, but you can’t find them, or you want to see just want to have an island populated with 300 T-Rexes, there is a console command you can use to make that happen. 

To bring up the console on PC use the tab key.  On Xbox and PS4 you get the option for admin commands in the pause menu. 

The first command spawns in a random dino based on your difficulty setting, so if it is set to 3 on the center map, the highest a dino will spawn in is 150, and on the island map it would be 120.  With the following command you will get completely random stats and sex of the dino. We’ll use Carbonemys as an example look in the Ark Wiki for individual creature spawn codes:

summon Turtle_Character_BP_C

If you want to get more specific about the level of the creature and the location of a spawn you can use a much longer console command:

SpawnDino "Blueprint'/Game/PrimalEarth/Dinos/Turtle/Turtle_Character_BP.Turtle_Character_BP'" 500 0 0 35

The last numbers are the important part of the code.  In the above example the 500 refers to the distance that the creature will spawn from you.  500 is only a couple of foundations distant from you, so this is a very dangerous thing to be doing if you are spawning in a highly aggressive dino like a Giga. 

The next two numbers 0 0 are not as important have to do with the location of the spawn.  When using this cheat code the creature will spawn in the direction you are looking, so if you are looking straight up they will spawn in the air and if you’re looking down they will be glitched into the ground, and maybe fall through the map.

The last number is the one you really want to know (35), and that is the level it is going to spawn in as.  I don’t know what the level cap is, I have used up to level 100000 to test it out in a cave where too many dinos were spawning and causing fps issues.  In order to tame a wild animal with an extremely high level you will need some mods, or another cheat code forcetame.  When you enter the forcetame code anything you are looking at will instantly become tamed.  They won’t stop instantly like a normal tame, but they will wander for 5-10 seconds before coming to a stop. 
These codes will allow you to spawn in any dino you want, even those that aren't available for a specific map like mantis on the Island Map, or Dire Bears in Ark Scorched Earth.  I haven't tested it by the forcetame cheat is said to only work for a limited time on some of the high-end creatures like the titianasaur.  These cheats and the give item cheat are probably the most useful console commands for the game. 

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