Monday, March 6, 2017

Baryonyx Taming in Ark Survival Evolved

In my quest to add to my egg production at the farm I went out looking for some of the newer dinos to add to my collection and the first one I found was the Baryonyx.  The Baryonyx are mostly aquatic creatures like the Sarco and the Kaprosuchus in Ark Survival Evolved.  I found about five Baryonyx spread out along the northern river of the Center Map.
I wasn’t looking for a high level one to start out with, I just wanted them for the eggs, but I eventually found a respectable level 90 and decided to try it out. I found them to me much like carnos, which are my favorite land dinos.  They aren’t extremely powerful, but they are easy to maneuver, and better in the water.  However I wouldn’t use them specifically for the water because they are very slow.  Unlike carnos they can also jump, which can come in handy when you need to escape in a hurry.  I recommend you give them a try.

How to tame a Baryonyx?

 You can tame a Baryonyx from thee the ground.  Try to get to a cliff or tall rock where the creature can’t leap up and get you.  Then simply rain tranq arrows or darts down on it.   Unfortunately, it will eventually try and run away, so you’ll likely have to pursue it on foot.  In the video I grabbed mine and dropped them in a taming pen. 

To tame the  Baryonyx you will need to feed it Pachyrhinosaurus kibble, raw prime fish meat, or fish meat.  Tame or wild they will not eat regular raw meats. 

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