Monday, March 6, 2017

Ark Survival Evolved Single Player Settings

When you are first starting out in Ark Survival Evolved single player you have a number of options with sliders in which to choose from. The first thing you need to do when looking at all these options is to ask yourself how much time you are going to put into this game.  Ark, like most survival games, can be very grindy.  It can take forever to gather resources and level up your character.  You can put hundreds of hours into the game and not reach max level on single player on standard settings.  If you are going to be a casual player you are going to want to be liberal with the settings.  For most settings you the slider or type in a higher number.

My preferred Ark Single Player Settings

Under General Tab
Difficulty:  1
XP multiplier: 2
Taming Speed: 5
Harvest Amount: 3
Water Drain: 0.5
Show Player Map Location (check box)

Under Advanced Tab
Allow Cave Building  (check box)
Allow Cave Flyer  (check box)
Non-permanent Diseases  (check box)
Egg Laying Interval:  0.25
Egg Hatching Speed: 3 to 6
Resource Respawn Interval: 0.25
Night Time Speed: 3.0
Crop Growth Speed: 4 to 6
Tamed Dino Stats
- Stamina: 3
- Weight: 3
Player Stats Per Level
- Stamina: 3
- Weight: 3

Show Floating Text Damage (check box)
The trick is to not be too liberal, or you will end up making the game boring.  Luckily all these settings can be changed each time you load the game!  The only things that will really last is the XP multiplier and the difficulty level you set.  The difficultly level determines what max level the dions spawn in as, so if you had a low setting when you first launch and later change it to a higher difficulty all the original low-level dinos will still be there, but over time higher level dinos will spawn in.  You can kill off all the wild creatures using the destroywilddinos command to make the change to lower or high-level dinos in a matter of minutes. 

In the accompanying video, I explain my favorite settings on the first page on PC, which is very similar to console.  At a later date, I think I’ll do a video on the other tabs. 

What are your favorite Ark Survival Evolved single player settings?  Leave a comment!

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