Monday, September 4, 2017

Ragnarok Cactus Sap Locations: Ark Survival Evolved

Even before the true desert biome gets released there are several locations to get cactus sap on Ragnarok Map.  It is great that Ragnarok has all the Scorched Earth resources.  The cactus sap is currently not found in the tall tree-like cactuses you see on Scorched Earth, but little aloe like plants growing low to the ground.  These you harvest by hand, just as you do for berries, fiber, etc. Now you can make propellant and adobe in Ragnarok!

Ragnarok Cactus Sap Plant Location
Aloe-like plants you harvest by hand for Cactus Sap on Ragnarok

There are more locations now.  When I made this video I knew of only one.  Of course, since I made this video, what feels like a million years ago now, they released the desert biome, which has plenty of cactuses to harvest from.  

Ragnarok Cactus Sap Locations

Lat   15.7    Lon    26.3

Central Canyon
Lat   35.8    Lon    44.3
Lat   36.8    Lon    40.2

New Desert Islands
Lat   85.9    Lon    25.4

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