Sunday, September 3, 2017

Otter is a Game Changer - Ark Survival Evovled

The new otter in Ark Survival Evolved is a real game changer, for me at least.  This little critter has some interesting and a few unique abilities.  First there is the obvious, the otter gets fish, no big deal, it is super easy to get fish.  The second thing that it does is collect silica pearls from the fish it catches.  That’s very nice, but not huge there are oyster shells located in shallow water.  The third thing is that with every fish it catches, there is a chance to get a black pearl!  Black pearls are hard to get at nearly any survivor level.  It requires going into the deep ocean, and/or taking on some tough creatures in the water, which I hate because I usually end up dead.  The fourth thing that a tame otter will do for you is keep you warm in the mountains, ice caves and snow biomes.

Keeping you warm is an amazing thing.  Even with fur armor and a few points put into fortitude in the mountains of Ragnarok I usually end up freezing to death in a couple of minutes.  Now with the otter wrapped around my neck I can move about in the snowy areas and ice caves with no fear of freezing to death, although there are plenty of other things that want to kill me.

Be sure to put a nice helmet on your otter’s head, as the extra armor will keep it safer.  Otters have low HP to start out.  Then you can add a skin to its armor and make it even cuter, if that is possible.

How to Tame an Otter

Otters are a real help and they are easy to tame provided there is not a spino or some hostile creatures nearby.   The big problem with otters is, depending on the map, they can be rather rare.  Anyway, the otter is a passive tame.  Basically kill a fish, don’t harvest it, but drag its body over to a wild otter.  It might be hard to chase them down because they swim quickly and erratically.  The otter will take the fish, eat it.  Then you will have to repeat the process until it is tame.  After its tame you can pick the otter up and it will act like insulation from the cold.   You can also toss it off your shoulder to get it to capture fish meat, silica pearls and black pearls for you.  

Farming Otters?

I tried farming otters in Ark Survival Evolved, and what I mean by that is having a bunch of otters on wander in a beaver pond.  Some creatures like the moshcops and beavers will wander around and collect resources.  You can check on these guys every once and while and take what they have harvested.  I tried it with the otters hoping they would be gathering up silica pearls and black pearls, but they did not.  It would be kind of over powered if they were able to. 

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