Thursday, August 17, 2017

Where to Find Beaver Dams on The Center Map: Ark Survival Evolved

If it is one thing that the Center Map has going for it in terms of resources, it is Beaver Dams.  There are plenty of places to raid the Castoroides dams for cementing paste, silica pearls, rare mushrooms, and of course tons and tons of wood.  Of course, these are the places to find and tame beavers to do your own wood harvesting with. Castoroides are one of the best harvesters of wood in Ark Survival Evolved because the weight of wood is reduced while in a beaver's inventory.

I may have missed a pond on the center islands, beavers are very abundant there.

Beaver Dam Locations Center Map
Beaver Dam locations on the Center Map: Ark Survival Evolved

Beaver Dam Locations on Center Map

Redwood Biome
Lat     Lon
97.0    49.5
93.4    62.3

Floating Island
Lat    Lon
39.4   32.1

Center Swamp
Lat     Lon
42.8     49.6

South Center Island
Lat     Lon
52.4     55.5
50.9     65.4
52.6     66.3
57.0     61.8

North Center Island
Lat     Lon
39.3     70.5
28.9     62.8

Center-Center Island
Lat     Lon
41.2     65.2
39.4     70.3
28.9     62.8

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