Tuesday, January 19, 2021

How to Gamma Up and Change the Time in Ark Survival Evolved

In my last post, I described Ark items to make that help you seein the night, and in this post, I describe console commands, and single player settings that help you see, or avoid the darkness in Ark Survival Evolved.

bring up the command line, hit the TAB key on pc. 

If you haven't used console commands in single player before you will need to type in enablecheats and then hit enter.  On your private server, you will need to enter in admincheat and your password. 

 Gamma Commands

These can be used on many Ark Survival Evolved servers and single player.  Some servers, especially PvP ones, block the user from using the command.  The command makes the scene appear lighter or darker.  In the command line type the word gamma and then the number brightness you desire. Somewhere around gamma 2.2 is normal.  Gamma 0 makes everything appear the darkest.  This can be helpful if your computer is having a hard time dealing with the reflections off of metal walls and foundations or during a desert heat event.  Gamma 6 will make the night as bright as possible, it is also beneficial in dark caves.  The lighting doesn't look natural, it's muted and ugly, but it can make the game much more playable. 

Max gamma 6

Normal gamma 2

Change the Time of Day

If you like having nighttime, but it occurs during a bad time, like trying to recover your body when it is surrounded by a pack of wolves you can't see, you can change the time of day to whatever you want. 

settimeofday 12:00

In the above example, it will set the time to noon.  The time is on the 24 hr clock, so 23:00 would be 11:00 pm.

Single Player and Private Server Settings

I like there being night time in Ark, it can be pretty, and an interesting change.  However, I like it to be less frequent and shorter, so I change my single player settings, and my server settings accordingly.  I reduce the day cycle speed to make the day last longer, and nighttime to make the daytime last for a shorter period of time.  If you like the time of day it is on your server/singleplayer you can change the day speed to zero and it will be frozen at that time.  I will do that occasionally when I am making longer videos, as nighttime really interferes with making a good video most of the time.  As far as I know, these changes in time will not affect the time it takes to tame, raise babies to maturity, and breeding interval, etc.

My preferred day speed settings 


If you can't use gamma commands, you can try changing the brightness of your screen.  Some maps, like The Center are a little brighter than say the lsland Map, which can be pitch black. So if you hate the darkness, it might be better to choose a map other than the Island when you start a new world.  You can also check out my Ways to Light up the Night post/video to help you craft items that will help you cope with the darkness. 

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