Saturday, February 6, 2021

Beaver Dam Location on Genesis Part 1 map

The Genesis Part 1 DLC for Ark Survival Evolved launched there were beaver dams for some, and then beaver dams for none.  The beavers, known as Castoroides in the game have been back for all for some time now.  There is only one place to find them in Genesis Part 1, and that is at the Fishing Lake in the Artic Biome.  The dams spawn on the lake, and there are some surrounding the lake as well. Also on the lake you will find otters, which are really cute.  As usual, you can loot the dams for cementing paste, wood, silica pearls and other goodies. See the video for more.  

Lat 69.7  Lon 21.0

Note these beaver dams are not really dams, but lodges, and it drives me nuts that I have to call them dams.  

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