Wednesday, March 23, 2022

Jousting with the Lance in Ark Survival Evolved

Using a lance to joust another player is awkward in Ark Survival Evolved, and least for me.  It is a lot of fun, but perhaps not worth learning the engram and crafting them, since they are a little resource-heavy.  In my experience, the lance only does about 2 damage to wild creatures, so it has little if any function other than jousting in Ark. Obviously, they are useless in single player other than they look cool when used by a mantis or to grind them for resources in the industrial grinder.

How to use a Lance on PC

While riding on the back of suitable tame like and Equis, Thyla, or even a griffin, draw your lance.  Now use WASD to control the direction of your animal.  Hold the left mouse button down to drop your lance.  This will use your survivor's stamina, whether you are moving or not.  Now run toward your opponent using your mouse to aim the lance.  Hopefully, it will hit them and knock them off.  That is all there is to jousting in Ark, at least on PC.

Joust in Ark with the Lance
Joust in Ark with the Lance

Resources to Craft a Lance

100 Flint
120 Fiber
70 Hide
100 Obsidian
260 Metal Ingots
70 Pelt

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