Friday, April 15, 2022

How to Change the Resource Respawn Rate in Ark Survival Evolved Singleplayer

It can be very frustrating to wait for resources to respawn in Ark Survival Evolved, especially metal, obsidian, and crystal.  In single-player games, you can adjust the resource re-spawn rate in the settings menus.  

Whether it pc, xbox, or ps, there is a setting under the advanced tab in the singleplayer launch menus.  The default setting is one.  A number larger than one will result in resources taking longer to respawn, and less than one, will speed up the spawns.  I would suggest starting with a setting of 0.25.  The nice thing about these settings is they can be changed every time you log in to your Ark singleplayer, and if you think it is too easy, or too hard, you can change it anytime.  

Ark Resource Respawn Setting
Ark resource respawn setting.

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