Wednesday, April 6, 2022

Oil Rock Locations on The Island Map of Ark Survival Evolved

The Island map of Ark Survival Evolved is abundant with oil, but it is concentrated onshore in the northwest corner of the map in the harsh snow biome and on the bottom of the ocean.  There are a number of oil nodes on The Island that can be easily accessed by swimming, without the need of scuba gear, or an underwater tame.  There are no oil veins on The Island map.

You can try your luck in the artic without fur armor by having an otter on your shoulder and working from a raft.  You can build up the raft into a small base with campfires to keep you warm and then dash out to grab the oil onshore, and on the icebergs.  

The Island Oil Rock Locations

Snow Biome Oil Start
29.9   12.4
Snow Biome Oil End
12.2   52.2

Off-Shore Oil Rock

70.3   11.3
74.4   12.7
86.2   17.1
89.3   22.3
83.2   33.8
85.4   34.5
60.0   87.8
60.7   87.7
22.2   83.2

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