Thursday, April 7, 2022

The Island Metal, Crystal and Obsidian Locations Update

You will find the most metal, crystal, and obsidian on the mountain tops of the central and northern portions of The Island map of Ark Survival Evolved, but you will find the most danger there two.  The three first locations on the list below are excellent places to find metal early in the game.  The first location "Crystal Hill" is my favorite, because the small amount of crystal there is great for making a spyglass and water jar without having to go far and wide for crystal, or into a cave.  

The Island Metal, Crystal, and Obsidian Resource Locations

76.8   47.3 "Crystal Hill" (metal, crystal)
80.8   63.7 (metal)
84.7   85.5 "Herbavoir Island" (metal)
64.3   60.7 (metal)
58.5   46.9 Redwood base (metal)
56.5   48.0 Redwood mountain top (metal, crystal)
35.6   59.0 (metal, crystal)
32.2   75.9  (metal, crystal, obsidian)
42.0   38.8 Volcano (metal, crystal, obsidian)
25.2   27.3 Snow biome (metal, crystal, obsidian)

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