Sunday, April 3, 2022

Ragnarok Desert Loot Crate Spawn Locations

On the Ragnarok Map of Ark Survival evolved there are five locations in the desert where loot crates spawn.  There are high-level, red “deep sea” loot crates.  You must be level 80 in order to open them.  The loot crates spawn frequently and are much easier to find than true deep sea loot crates.

Finding loot crates in Ark is much easier in the dark since they have a nice red glow.  There isn’t much to do at night anyway, so you might as well look for these loot crates, and other drops on the way.  Plus it is cooler at night so you shouldn’t overheat.  On my single player game, I place gateways next to the desert loot crates in order to make finding them easier, but if you are on a server, it would help your enemies find them too.  

Ragnarok Desert Loot Crate Locations

Lat   Lon
59.6   76.5
63.2   78.1
70.3   76.5
83.9   77.0
79.8   51.9

As a bonus, I thought I would throw in the location of loot crates in the ice cave of Ragnarok.  These are easy to get to and farm frequently.  The drops here are blue and yellow and don’t have as good quality, but they still have great stuff and it is easy to farm them.  If you go further into the cave, on the way to where the ice queen spawns you find red loot crates, but dealing with ice worms along the way is much more difficult, so. I will skip those.  

There are two entrances to the cave I prefer to fly in and avoid the cave bears. There is also a way to walk in on foot, but it is far more dangerous.  You will need a pick or some melee weapon to break the ice to get in on foot.  It can be a good idea to visit this cave every time you fly by it on the Ragnarok map.

Ragnarok Ice Cave Location

31.0   37.7  (Fly-in Entrance)
30.3   32.8 (Walk-in Entrance)
Loot Crates
32.3   35.8
33.2   33.5
31.8   35.1
33.2   34.3
33.0   36.4

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