Monday, April 4, 2022

Ragnarok Griffin Locations

Griffins were introduced on the Ragnarok years ago and they are some of the coolest looking creatures in Ark Survival Evolved, in my opinion.  The Griffins can be found in three general locations around the map.

Ragnarok Griffin Locations

Lat   Lon
34.6   43.7
27.4   44.3
39.0   27.5
46.1   34.8

The first three GPS locations are in the same general area.  The list of coordinates will help you locate the Griffins on Ragnarok.  They may not, and probably will not have Griffins spawning in all the spots, since the Griffin is one of the rarer spawns in Ark.  Good luck finding them.  

Ragnarok Griffin Location Map
Ragnarok Griffin Locations

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