Sunday, June 26, 2022

Fjordur Rock Drake Nest Location

The Rock Drake nests and eggs spawn in the Asgard world on Fjordur.  To get the cave with the Rack Drake nests you will first have to find the Portal Cave and travel to Asgard.  There are no special tributes, or requirements to use the portal.  Once there you will make your way to one of the sunken Aberration-style biomes and find the cave entrance.  To survive the cave you will need a hazmat suit, and to survive the Rock Drakes, you will need a strong tame, or be very stealthy.  I am not too sneaky so I prefer the brute force method.  At the end of the caver there are about six nests to raid.  

Rock Drake babies only eat Nameless venom, and since there are no nameless on Fjordur, you will need to go to another cave on Fjordur.  There you will find all kinds of Aberration creatures, as well as rocks that can be harvested for the Venom.  Good luck collecting, hatching, and raising some Rock Drakes on Fjordur.

Rock Drake Nest Cave Entrance - Asgard World

42.0   49.2

Portal Cave Coordinates - Regular Fjordur Map

Lat   Lon

40.3   57.5

Nameless Venom Cave - Regular Fjordur Map

56.7   84.7

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