Sunday, June 26, 2022

Where to Find Nameless Venom on Fjordur - Ark Survival Evolved

There are no nameless on Ark Fjordur, but you can collect Nameless Venom for raising Rock Drakes from some nodes in the Aberration Cave.  Although it is easy to harvest the rock, getting there is not, as the cave is heavily guarded by Aberration creatures like ravagers.    

Cave Coordinates 

Lat   Lon 

56.8   84.8

Nameless Venom Coordinates

49.2   84.3

52.4   82.2

51.6   85.1

50.8   85.8

Fjordur Nameless Venom
Nameless Venom is found in nodes like this one in the lower left, on the Fjordur map.  

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