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Ark Fjordur Space Cave Location

The Space Cave is a tranquil place on the Fjordur Map of Ark Survival Evolved.  Some call it the lunar biome, but it really isn't like the lunar biome on Genesis.  This cave has low gravity and you can float through the air,or walk on the ground.  To find the Space Cave go to the red obelisk and travel south there you will find a good parking spot for a flyer (84.3   97.1).  It is pretty safe at this location for a flier.  From there jump in the ocean, swim a little to the right and there will be a hole in the ocean floor, that is the cave (86.0   98.1).  You can make it there without a scuba tank if you have flippers.  I recommend bringing flippers to out-swim some of the sharks and other nasty creatures of the deep.  

Fjordur Space Cave Coordinates

Lat   Lon

86.0   98.1

Once you find the hole, travel down and you will see a forcefield that separates the space cave.  Once in there you will be able to breathe oxygen.  You will now be floating in low gravity.  I have never seen any aggressive creatures, only the shoulder pets from Aberration.  It is a good place to tame them because there are no bad creatures to get in your way.  The Space Cave on Fjordur has a few uncommon resources: fungal wood, Aberration mushrooms, and sap.  The mushrooms are harvested from strange bluish mushroom clumps on the ground, and the sap is picked up from another weird mushroom.  

Fjordur Space Cave
Space Cave on Fjordur

If there is any place on Fjordur where you meditate and take a break from the craziness above it is the Space Cave.  Check it out, it is pretty cool, even if you don't need the resources inside.  

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