Thursday, July 28, 2022

Fjordur Giga and Carcharodontosaurus Locations

Gigas and Carcharodontosaurs are a rare spawn on any map in Ark Survival Evolved, and on the Fjordur map, they seem to be even rarer, at least in my singleplayer world.  I mostly find the Fjordur gigas in the highlands area, they have also been reported on the volcano.  My favorite spot is near the beach at around 45.8 95.4.  I have set up a trap made of metal behemoth gates at the base of a cliff.  You could probably get away with a cheaper build, but I like the gates.  Gigas and Carcharodontosaurs share the same spawns.  

Fjordur Giga Spawn Coordinates

Lat   Lon
45.8   95.4
35.5   78.3   
27.9   72.4
18.6   64.7
81.0   80.2

Fjordur Giga Locations Map
Giga Spawn Locations on Fjordur

Have fun taming a giga on Fjordur, building a trap makes it much easier, but it still will not be easy.  

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If you are looking for dino and creature spawn locations check Fjordur Creature and Dino Spawn Locations for more info.  

Giga Tame Gameplay Video

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