Thursday, July 21, 2022

Fjordur Metal Locations

The Fjordur map of Ark Survival Evolved has many areas where you can find metal nodes.  This post will show you some of my favorite places to harvest metal on land, and not in caves or the seperate realms, with one exception.  

Fjordur Metal Locations

Lat   Lon

36.2   95.6
57.5   26.3 through  54.5   29.5
60.2   30.5
84.3   33.6
79.4   35.3 SW Island motherload
93.4   34.2
14.6   74.6
7.9     37.2
25.3   11.4
26.7   15.3
28.2   35.7
35.0   36.9
48.3   76.7
79.5   90.5
47.6   88.8  Great Spot in Highlands

If you are looking for resources check Fjordur Resource Locations for more info.
If you are looking for dino and creature spawn locations check Fjordur Creature and Dino Spawn Locations for more info.  

You can find more metal underwater, but most people don't harvest under there.  You can also find metal in many of the cave systems of Fjordur, but there are so many dangers, and getting it out of there with larger dinos is not very practical, so I have not included these metal node spawn.  

Ark Metal Location

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