Monday, September 12, 2022

Ark Fjordur Maewing Locaitons

The Maewings on Fjordur are located in only one location on the main map, and one general spawn in the Asgard Realm.  The Fjordur main map has maewings roaming around much of the Redwood biome in the northeast corner of the map.  The Asgard Realm may be an easier place to tame a maewing, because you can see danger easily on the plains.  To travel to the Asgard realm, you will need to use the Portal Cave, or on PC hold down the R key until an options wheel appears and choose Asgard. 

Fjordur Main Map Maewing Spawn

Lat   Lon

20.0  85.0

Asgard Realm Maewing Spawn

59.6   34.7

Maewings are great for fast travel around Fjordur, or any Ark map.  I find them a bit awkward to use, but maewings are your top bet for speed.  The Maewing is also great for raising baby dinos, as you probably already know.   

The best way to tame a Maewing is to trap it with a net from a harpoon gun and then knock it out.  

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